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Robertson Law PLLC is a Seattle law firm that helps people expunge Washington State criminal records, seal court files, and move forward in their lives.  We have experience representing clients throughout Washington State. We know the prosecutors, judges, and local rules. This knowledge and experience is crucial when deciding which lawyer can best work for you.

We understand the frustration that exists from having to explain an old criminal conviction on every job or rental application.  Our firm has the skill and experience you need to clear these records and move forward in your life. We do not shy away from difficult cases. We have a track record of helping people with cases other lawyers may not take. Send us an e-mail or call our office and we can provide you with important information to help you begin the process of clearing your criminal records.

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The attorneys of Robertson Law have a proven track record of creative and effective advocacy for clients throughout the state of Washington.

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Ryan Robertson's practice focuses exclusively on high-quality creative appellate representation in criminal and administrative matters, as well as expungements, vacation of records, and petitions to seal.