Canada Entry

Rehabilitation/Entering Canada

If you have been convicted of any crime, no matter how minor, the Canadian authorities can turn you away at the border. The Washington/Canadian border generally turns away over 500 people per month due to their criminal records. Many people are turned away each day for misdemeanor convictions such as DUI or Domestic Violence.

Vacating a criminal record could potentially assist you in your efforts to enter Canada.

Even if you're not able to have your records vacated, you may still be able to satisfy the Canadian government that you should be allowed into Canada. This process is called "rehabilitation," and it generally takes about 6-8 weeks to gain entry to Canada (unless there is an emergency requiring immediate entry). This may require gathering court documentation, contacting appropriate state and federal authorities,etc. If your case is particularly complicated, you may need the assistance of an attorney to provide guidance.

We are happy to refer you to a Canadian attorney who can assist you with this process.

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